Touch A Life – Campaign

Touch A Life | I’m Free Campaign

Our creative team produced the “I’m Free” year-end fundraising campaign for Touch A Life, which helped the organization raise $154,000 in the fourth quarter. The campaign focused on the ways the children were freed from hardship and the freedoms that they gained after they were rescued by TAL. The primary piece of the campaign was a five-panel brochure that introduced the campaign to large donors, provided a look at TAL’s vision, and included a year-end donation ask. Social posts were also integrated into the campaign to reach a wider audience. As a final donation push, our team assisted in writing an ask letter from the founder and produced a year in review infographic (that showed the impact of the donations already received in 2018) that was mailed to their entire donor base. Thank you cards were then mailed to the donors at the end of the year.


Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media